Psychology Fees & Rebates

A consultation is for a standard session time of 50 minutes. Fees are available by contacting our rooms. Fees are payable at the time of your appointment and can be paid by credit card or eft. We do not accept American Express or Diners Club.


Rebates are available through Private Health Insurance funds. Please contact your fund for information about their rates as rebates vary depending on the Private Health company and the policy you are on. The session is paid for at the time of the consultation and you then take/send the receipt to your health fund for a rebate. These rebates are available with consultations with a psychologist, social worker or registered counsellor.

Rebates are also available through the Medicare for eligible clients. Medicare will provide part refunds for up to 10 sessions per year. You must be referred by a GP to access this rebate and have completed a “Mental Health Care Plan”. GP’s usually require that you book in with them for a “long consultation” in order to assess your eligibility for this scheme. Medicare clients pay for the whole amount of the psychology session up front and then take the receipt to Medicare for a part refund. There will be a gap fee amount per session. These out-of-pocket gap expenses will count towards the Medicare Safety Net at the end of each Tax year. The medicare rebate is available for consultations with a psychologist or mental health social worker.

Further, three additional sessions per year are rebatable under Medicare for women who are pregnant or have recently had a pregnancy termination. Psychologists must have completed special accredited training through the Australian Psychological Society in order to be eligible to provide this service with rebates applying.

For more information about our psychology services and fees please read our frequently asked questions or contact us.