Adjustment To Change

Counselling for People Adjusting to Life Changes

Life is a constantly evolving and changing over time. As we move through the varying stages of development, we hit milestones and we are changed by these challenges and experience. This process is a normal part of life and helps to shape us from birth to late adulthood.

There are times when the changes in life may raise unexpected challenges or feel particularly difficult or overwhelming. Some of the expected significant changes and transition times in a lifetime can be: choosing to live with a partner, getting married, moving house, relocating, starting a new job, having a baby, or moving into retirement. Other unexpected life changes may be as a result of illness, which may mean adjusting to changes for an individual and their family. During these times, feelings of stress, depression, anxiety and grief may become apparent, diminishing our ability to cope. It often takes time to adjust to these life changes and consulting a psychologist may help make the adjustment much easier.

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