Counselling for Anxiety 

Anxiety can feel like an experience of intense and overwhelming fear that seems to come on quickly and without apparent reason. There are many physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety, including racing heart, sweating, chest pain, trembling, difficulty breathing, choking sensation, light headedness, tingling or numbness, racing thoughts, difficulty concentrating, feeling unable to relax, and sleeping problems. There are a number of different types of anxiety that can be experienced including, panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias and specific fears, obsessions and compulsions, posttraumatic stress, and worry or generalized anxiety.

Psychologists can assist individuals to manage anxiety in a number of ways. Anxiety sufferers can often quickly benefit from learning strategies to manage anxious thoughts, by practicing physical and mental relaxation, and by learning calming breathing techniques. Often anxiety may also have a deeper origin and may be related to a current life circumstance or a past experience. Psychologists can assist a person to identify the source of their anxiety and to address the issues that have contributed to the current unsettling feelings.

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