Childhood Issues

Psychotherapy for Childhood Issues

Some adults experience a sense of unhappiness, unease, worry or lack of confidence that seems to have existed for as long as they can remember. They may notice themselves getting into repeated patterns of unhealthy relationships, making poor choices in life, or have difficulties with commitment. Often these issues relate back to childhood experiences that may have been difficult, troubling or challenging in some way. Our age, gender, developmental stage, personality style, family and social environment all have an impact on how we are able to get through difficult experiences, make sense of them and integrate them into our sense of ourselves. Often difficult experiences that have occurred in childhood can have a significant and lasting impact on how we experience ourselves and our environment as adults. Adults may have feelings of sadness, anger, anxiety, and low self esteem that relate to these past experiences. Psychotherapy can assist individuals to acknowledge these painful feelings, to understand the source of these feelings, and to develop the inner resources needed to move forward with more confidence, energy and a greater sense of freedom.

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