Children & Adolescents

Psychology for Children and Adolescents

Sometimes children and adolescents may require consultations with a psychologist. They may be experiencing behavioural and/ or emotional issues, including a sense of unhappiness, anxiety or general worry. They may lack confidence or be struggling with grief or loss as a result of the death of someone close or the breakdown of the family through separation and divorce. Behavioural issues may include, school refusal, sleeping difficulties, acting out or becoming withdrawn.

Issues may arise from tensions within families, or as a result of problems stemming from school. These can result in low self-esteem, anxiety and depressive symptoms. Psychotherapy can assist children and adolescents to talk through their feelings and find new ways of managing their difficulties, developing the inner resources needed to move forward with more confidence.

Williamstown Psychology have psychologists who offer substantial experience in child and adolescent mental health.

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