Family & Relationship Issues

Counselling and Support For Family and Relationship Issues

We all exist in many different types of relationships, such as parent-child, sibling, intimate partner, friend, and colleague. Relationships generally fluctuate over time, with normal highs and lows. All relationships can have times that seem joyful, easy or comforting, as well as other times that feel distressing and difficult.

Some of the relationship issues that individuals and couples may wish to discuss with a psychologist include:

  • Negotiating significant events or changes occurring within the relationship or family (having children, managing illnesses, a death in the family, financial stress, step-parenting, relocation, job changes, retirement)
  • Communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution
  • Trust and Intimacy
  • Differences in values and personality styles
  • Differences in goals, expectations and needs in the relationship
  • Past experiences effecting the current relationship
  • Parenting concerns
  • Separation and/or divorce
  • Co-parenting after separation

Negotiating times of difficulty in a relationship can be challenging and sometimes it feels helpful to have someone outside the relationship to assist you. A psychologist can help you to see the issues affecting the relationship more clearly, to learn more helpful strategies for communicating and managing conflict, and to develop a different and more satisfying way of being in the relationship.

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