Grief & Loss

Psychotherapy and Support for Grief Issues

Grief is a valid and important emotion that we experience as a result of a significant loss. This loss may have occurred through the ending of a significant relationship due to distance, separation, divorce or death. Loss as a result of a death is a particularly painful experience, and our experience of grief is particularly affected by the relationship with had with the person who has died, and can also be complicated by the circumstances of the death.

Feelings of grief may rise for many reasons and sometimes an event or set of circumstances may “trigger” past feelings of grief or “unresolved” issues of grief. Grief may be experienced by people who have suffered serious injury or illness as they face in significant life changes and challenges ahead. In addition, we may have feelings of grief in relation to moving away from a particular house, suburb, country or particular employment or the loss of a significant possession.

The grief process is a normal process and people grieve in many different ways. Some people grieve privately and hide their feelings of distress and some people grieve openly. People may move through grief quickly, while others may take several months or years to fully grieve. Once an individual has moved through an active grief phase, they tend experience fewer distressing feelings of loss and feel that they are able to function more effectively once again. This does not mean that feelings of sadness completely disappear, but that the feelings are no longer significantly debilitating. Consulting a psychologist can assist an individual to understand the grief process and can provide support and guidance to help manage the painful feelings of loss.

Williamstown Psychology psychologists have substantial experience in working with grief issues.

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