Pregnancy Support and Counselling

Pregnancy can raise varying responses and feelings for women. Many women who have been hoping to start a family feel excited when they learn that they are pregnant. However, there can also be many other feelings that are triggered during this time, such as anxieties about the birth, concerns about body changes, fears about parenting, finances, and relationship and identity changes. Counselling can assist in addressing these issues and gaining confidence in managing the challenges ahead.

Unfortunately some women face particularly painful challenges during pregnancy, such their own ill health or discovering their baby will have difficulties. Other women experience the devastating loss of their baby due to miscarriage, stillbirth or deciding to terminate a wanted pregnancy due to complications with the baby. Counselling during this time can provide support and understanding to get through a very painful experience and can provide skills to manage the anxieties associated with future decisions.

Three sessions per year are rebatable under Medicare for women who are pregnant or who have had a pregnancy within the past year. Psychologists must have completed special accredited training through the Australian Psychological Society in order to be eligible to provide this service with rebates applying.

Williamstown Psychology psychologists have substantial experience in issues around pregnancy and pregnancy loss. We offer specific pregnancy related counselling sessions, for which rebates are available through Medicare.

For more information about our pregnancy support and counselling services please read our frequently asked questions or contact us for more information.