Trans Health – TGD

Trans & Gender diverse counselling support

In 2020, we have been faced with a global pandemic, Covid-19. As we have navigated several changes in the way we live, including social distancing, working from home and job losses, many may find themselves living in strained situations or having to hide their sexuality and gender (among other issues) as a result of these changes. Many people have struggled with increased anxiety, depression and other mental health issues since that time.

However, in recent times, we have seen some brutal discussions both locally and globally regarding trans and gender diverse people in our community. This has contributed to many feeling unsafe in their local communities which may result in feelings of isolation, anxiety and depression (among other feelings). Many trans and gender diverse people may also feel unable to come out to friends and family members due to fear because of the constant negative and damaging media reports.

Our Psychologists are here to help people talk through some of these issues and concerns. Our practice fully supports the LGBTIQ+ community and have proudly been providing support for over 20 years. We provide a safe environment for all people, regardless of sexuality and gender. Some people may see gender as fixed or in binary terms, while others see it as being on a continuum or more fluid, with many ways to describe themselves.

Those who struggle with gender issues may find they have a mixture of feelings, including grief, confusion, uncertainty and loneliness.  This may be as a part of their exploration of self or issues may arise as a result of experiences within the workplace, family, relationships or within friendship groups.

Some people may seek psychological counselling to help work through some of the issues which may arise through both their physical and emotional journey.  Family members, partners and children may also need a place to explore their own feelings and responses to having a family member who identifies within gender diverse terms.

Williamstown Psychology have psychologists who have experience in working within the area of Trans health and gender diversity, both for the individual and family members.

For more information about our counselling services for gender diverse issues please contact us.